gutter styles: k-style & half-round

There Are Many Different Gutter Materials To Choose From, Including Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, And Copper.  Many Types Of Gutters (Steel And Vinyl In Particular) Come In 10' Lengths And Require Dozens Of Seams Fastened With Slip Fittings.  Each One Is A Weak Spot And A Potential Leak Site. Another Alternative Well Worth Considering Is The Installation Of Seamless Aluminum Gutters. Seamless Gutters Must Be Fabricated On-Site.

At Nixon Roofing, Inc. We Fabricate On-Site All Of Are Seamless Aluminum Gutters.  The Term Seamless Gutters Can Be Confusing Because There Are Seams In The System.  The Seams Are Only At The Corners And Downspout Outlets.  These Joints Are Fastened More Securely And Sealed For Stability And Leak Resistance.  The Seamless Aluminum Gutters Itself Is Continuous Which Makes Them Both Strong And Visually More Appealing.




Nixon Roofing, Inc. Supplies The Highest Quality And Most Economical Roof Drainage Systems And Accessories.  Gutters Are Available In 16, 18 And 20 Ounce Copper.  Our Gutter Systems Are Manufactured Exclusively To Meet All Gutter Requirements.  With Perfectly Fitted Pieces, Our Gutter Systems Install Easier Than Any Other Half Round Copper Gutter System. Our Gutter Systems Offer Exceptional Strength And Durability, But Also Absolute Beauty In Design.




Durable Seamless Gutters Can Add Curb Appeal To Almost Any Home.  Nixon Roofing, Inc. Is Your Home Improvement Company And Has A Superior Gutter System For You.  Our Company Has Been Trusted By Countless Homeowners. We've Built A Solid Reputation By Custom Manufacturing And Installing Designer, Fascia-Style Gutters Constructed From Heavy 28-Gauge, Hot-Dipped, G-90 Galvanized Steel To Make Our Products Incredibly Strong And Highly Resistant To Dents And Dings.



directs water flow away from home or building

Downspouts Are Normally Vertical And Extend All The Way To The Ground Level Carrying The Rainwater From The Gutter To The Ground. The Water Must Be Directed Away From The Home Or Building’s Foundation, In Order To Protect The Foundations From Water Damage. The Gutter And Downspouts Are One Of The Most Important Components Of Your Home. When They Are Improperly Installed Or Become Clogged Or Broken, It Can Cost Thousands To Repair Both The Interior And Exterior Of Your Home.  Here At Nixon Roofing, Inc. Will Make Sure That Your Gutters Are Connected To Quality Downspouts To Prevent Future Leaks And Clogs. 



highly durable and prevents clogs

By Installing Leaf Guard Protection On Your Gutters You Can Avoid Collecting Leaves, Twigs, And Other Organic Debris That Can Become Clogged And Create Dams That Impede The Flow Of Water. Clogs Can Cause Water To Overflow Spilling All Over Your Gutters, Walls, Windows, And On The Ground Below.  This Can Lead To Surface Erosion, And Seep Into Your Foundation Causing Cracks And Basement Flooding.  At Nixon Roofing, Inc., We Have A Variety Of Gutter Leaf Guard Protection Options Available To Protect Your Home Or Business. We Will Make Sure That Your Gutters Are Connected To High Quality Downspouts To Prevent Leaks And Clogs. 




Rain Chains Are An Artistic Alternative To Traditional Closed Downspouts Blending Both Function As Well As Design That Brings A Dramatic Visual To Your Landscaping.  Rain Chains Can Be A Beautiful, Serene, Functional Alternative To The Closed Downspout System Allowing The Water To Be Guided Visibly Down Chains, Cups, Flowers, Birds Or Other Elegant And Artistic Decorative Gutter Accessories.  Rain Chains Drain Water From Your Gutters To The Ground Like A Waterfall, Beautifully Complementing The Architectural Design Of Your Home Or Office.



Commercial Gutter Installation Service

When You Think About Gutters, You Probably Think About The Gutters On Your Home.  While These Are Very Important, Of Course, Gutters On Commercial Buildings Are Just As Vital.  Commercial Gutters Have One Primary Purpose, To Capture And Divert Water Away From The Building So It Does Not Collect Around The Foundation And Cause Water Damage.  However, Commercial Gutters Also Protect Your Landscaping And Other Important Equipment As Well.  And, With Many Options Available, They Can Improve The Look Of A Building Too!

Commercial Gutters Are Available In Many Styles And Sizes.  Seamless Gutters Are A Great Option As They Are Less Likely To Leak Than Traditional Gutters.  Another Option Is The Box Gutters.  This Style Is Specifically Designed For Use On Commercial Buildings Because It Can Be Custom Fabricated To Meet Any Size And Specification.  This Applies To Commercial Downspouts And Header Boxes As Well.  This Flexibility Is Tremendously Helpful Especially For The Larger Roof Sizes On Most Commercial Buildings Down Here In South Texas.  At Nixon Roofing, Inc. Our Experienced Commercial Gutter Professionals Can Help You Decide What Type And Size Gutter System Will Work Best For You.  Give Us A Call At (830) 997-7923 Or Schedule A Free Quote Online Today!


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