At Nixon Roofing, Inc. Our Skilled Repair Professionals Will Locate Your Roof Leak And Fix It As Quickly As Possible To Protect Your Home.  We Have A Vast Amount Of Roofing Knowledge And Skills To Perform Repairs On Most Roofing Systems.  Being In Business For Over 72 Years Has Allowed Us To Prove Ourselves, And Be Relied Upon By Many Clients To Perform Repairs To Make Sure Their Roofs Do Not Leak Again.

Water Entering Your Home Can Cause Serious Damage To Walls, Ceilings, Framing, Floors And Foundations.  Ongoing Water Intrusion Leaves Your Home Susceptible To Mold And Mildew Growth. 

A Ongoing Leak Can Cause Critical Damage To Your Roof System As Well As Exposure To Mold.

Identifying The Source Of A Leak And Restoring The Structural Integrity Of The Roof Is Critical In Minimizing Water Damage.

Signs Of Possible Damage To Your Roof May Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  •   Missing Shingles
  •   Cracked or Curled Shingles
  •   Granules In Gutters Or On The Ground
  •   Shingle Buckling
  •   Missing or Sliding Tiles
  •   Rust Spots On Metal
  •   Water Spotting On Ceilings
  •   Dark Areas On Fascia & Soffit
  •   Exposed Wood

Whether Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced Depends On A Variety Of Factors, Including The Age And Condition Of Your Roof And The Extent Of The Damage. If Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old, Roof Replacement Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars In Additional Repair Costs And Provide You With Renewed Confidence In Your Home's Roof.

Nixon Roofing, Inc. Repairs All Kinds Of Roof Systems, Including The Most Common To The Most Popular Residential Roofs Such As:

  •   Standing Seam Metal Roofing
  •   Shingle Roofing
  •   Slate Roofing
  •   Tile Roofing

Our Roofing Specialists At Nixon Roofing, Inc. Will Find Your Leaks And Stop Them From Leaking.  As The Finishing Touch On Your Quality Repair Job, We Will Ensure That The Replacement Roofing Materials Match Your Existing Roof, Leaving Your Repair Undetectable.  Call Us Here At Nixon Roofing (830) 997-7923 To Speak With One Of Our Expert Roofing Professionals About Your Roofing Needs.



Sometimes It Can Be Easy To Forget About The Condition Of Your Business’s Roof. Over The Course Of Time, Your Roof Takes A Beating From Texas’s Harsh Hot Climate.  But When Your Office Building’s Roof Is Leaking, It Can Make Life Miserable For Everyone.  Employee Moral Goes Down And So Does Production, Which Affects Your Bottom Line.  Nixon Roofing Provides Commercial Roof Repair In The Texas Hill Country Regardless Of How Big Or Small The Job.

Roofs Don’t Pick A Day Or Time When To Start Leaking.  The Sooner Your Roof Gets Repaired, The Better Your Chances Of Minimizing Any Further Damage.

Signs Of A Commercial Roof Leak:

  •  Water Dripping
  •  Puddles Inside Of Building
  •  Stained Ceiling And Walls
  •  Odor/Mold Smell

Our Staff Of Experienced Roofing Professionals Can Provide Commercial And Industrial Repair For The Following Types Of Roofing Systems:

  • Coal Tar Pitch
  • Built Up Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Systems
  • TPO Sing Ply System
  • Industrial Roof Coating
  • Commercial Metal Roofing

Nixon Roofing Goes Beyond Just Providing Commercial Repair.  You Have Plenty Of Things To Do. The Last Thing You Need To Worry About Is A Leaking Roof In Your Office Building.  Call The Professionals At Nixon Roofing, Inc. Today At (830) 997-7923.



If You Have Any Questions Or Would Like More Information About Our Roofing Repair Services, Call Us Today For A Free Estimate!!! 

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