Exotic Metals


Nixon Roofing, Inc. believes in giving our clients all the options to choose from. That is why we also offer exotic metal roofing for our clients who are interested in investing a little more money upfront, in order to reap the benefits of exotic metal roofing.  

The three exotic metals that we specialize in are copper, zinc, and stainless steel. These virtually permanent roofing systems are designed to last upwards of 60 years!

Exotic Metal Roofing Company Serving Hills Country


The main benefits of exotic metals are that they require little to no maintenance, they last more than twice as long as other roofing systems, and they are extremely durable. If you’re worried about investing in exotic metals, talk to our team here at Nixon Roofing, Inc. for reassurance that they’re the right choice. 

We can help you decide what type of exotic metal to invest in based on your budget, home size, etc. There are many things to consider when choosing new roofing materials, so be sure to talk with our experts for the best advice and assistance you need during the process. Call us today to get your free estimate!

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